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Why just buy a house?  When you can get 75 % cash back on any new real estate purchase you make.  You can buy a home, condo, coop, commercial property, or even land and still put 3/4 of the buyer's agents commission back in your pocket.

We currently service New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  There is no fine print.  Just real money that you can do whatever you want with.  A check will be sent right after the closing.

Say for example you buy a house for $400,000 and our buyer's agent commission is 3 percent.  The commission would be $12,000 so we would cut you a check for $9,000.
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Say for example you buy a house for $400,000 and our buyer's agent commission is 3 percent.  The commission would be $12,000 so we would cut you a check for $9,000.

We know that buying a house is the most important decision of your life.   Why not do it the smart way? By taking back our commission and keeping it for yourselves.

Call 800-705-0988 to learn more about how to get real cash out of your purchase.

If you are not able to find a listing here, we recommend that you search for it on Realtor.com®.

Once you find it there, just call us at 800-705-0988 .

When you call, we can schedule the home visit, obtain open house info, or assist you in making an offer.

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Feb 5th 2010: The real estate commission has sent out a interim ruling, and if the BROKER agrees, buyer commission rebates are acceptable.

New Jersey’s new law permitting rebates in residential real estate transactions is already drawing consumer questions, as evidenced here on Trulia.  Here's what's happening.

On January 19, 2010, former Governor Jon Corzine signed  A-373 into law, permitting rebates to consumers in real estate transactions.  The bill’s intention is outlined in it’s explanatory statement:

“This bill amends R.S.45:15-17 to permit a real estate broker, broker-salesperson or salesperson to give a client a rebate from the commission that the real estate broker, broker-salesperson or sales person receives in a transaction.”

While the New Jersey Association of REALTORS®(NJAR) originally opposed this measure when it was first introduced, but as the bill moved forward NJAR® negotiated several amendments with the sponsors that increase consumer protection.

The NJAR®-secured amendments included in the final version of A-373:

State that only brokers can offer rebates to those buying property, rather than allowing all real estate licensees to offer rebates to buyers and sellers.
Mandate that rebates only be in the form of a credit or check.
Require that rebates be documented in a contract at the beginning of a brokerage relationship in a written or electronic form or in a buyer agency agreement.
Ensure that rebates can only be provided in connection with purchases of residential property.
Although this new law took effect immediately after being signed, the New Jersey Real Estate Commission (REC) must adopt new regulations necessary to implement the law.

Under current REC regulations offering rebates is prohibited.  NJAR® expects the REC to send out an advisory in February clarifying the law.
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