MLS Island - Return Policy
There is no refund for internet advertising (FSBO Ads) after the ad is published online.   There is no refund for mls listing fees or listings after the listing is input by the real estate agent.  If termination of any mls listing service or listing is requested in writing before the listing is actually input by the real estate agent (no service was actually provided by the real estate agent) and an exception to this no-refund policy is requested, a realtor referral fee of $99 shall be non-refundable in such case and a partial-refund of the amount of the mls input fee paid (the Hybrid FSBO-MLS package price less the $99.50 attributable to the FSBO ad included in those package prices which is also non-refundable) less said $99 non-refundable referral fee will be made.  There is no refund for signs or products after they are shipped and there is a $49.50 shipping/handling/restocking fee for any sign/product shipment which is returned undelivered.  There is no refund for virtual tours after the photographer is assigned.  There are no refunds for ads not published after 30 days.  It is the owners responsiblity to send in the paperwork after being contacted, failure to do so will result in the listing not being published.

Please consult your broker if you need your payment returned. does not handle billing and returns.
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