Neighborhood Safety Tips

Years ago, it seemed that parents could set their children loose in the neighborhood for the day and not give it a second thought until it was time to eat or go to bed. Today, the world is a different place, where almost everyone has ADT security and is nervous about every stranger in the neighborhood. While this leads to some parents who aren't comfortable sending their children out to play, there are things you can do to keep your neighborhood safe for your children and the rest of the children who live nearby.

Know Your Children's Friends

Knowing where your children are at all times can be useful so you can determine if something is wrong. If your children are going to spend time at a friend's home, it is important to get to know these friends, as well as their parents. Introduce yourself to the parents and exchange contact information so you can always get in touch when you need your children. Invite the other children to your home occasionally to get to know them as well.

Set Limits

It is no longer safe to let your children wander a neighborhood with no limits. Before you send your children out, talk about where they are allowed to go and for how long. If your children want to go somewhere other than the allowed areas, they need to know to ask you first. This will help you keep better track of your children so you can be sure they are safe while playing with their friends.

Memorize Your Number

Your children should always have a way to contact you if trouble should arise. While you don't have to give your children a cell phone at a young age, you should teach them your phone number. This will allow them to call you from a friend's house or another neighbor's house, even if that person doesn't have your contact information.

Keep an Eye Out

There is often suspicious activity that occurs before something bad happens. While this is not always the case, it is important for everyone to keep watch over the children that are playing in the neighborhood. Even if your children aren't outside, keep an eye out for any cars that don't belong in the area or individuals who are acting suspicious. Make your presence known by spending time outside. The more people who are looking out for the children, the safer they will be.
Teach Children Not to Fight

It is natural that children will not get along all the time. For this reason, it is critical for parents to teach their children to fight with their words, not with their fists. However, your children need to know that words can be just as hurtful and memories longer. Therefore, they should be careful about what they say to their friends in anger.

Giving your children a little freedom in the neighborhood can allow them to enjoy time with their friends and experience a little independence as well. Because of the potential dangers that lurk out of your supervision, it is critical to do your part to help keep the neighborhood safe. When everyone does their part to keep the children safe, you can let your children loose in the neighborhood with greater peace of mind.

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